Sunday August 19, 2012

A new prize for the Competition

The 2012 edition of the Viotti Singing Competition features  a new prize, kindly offered by Baroness Maria Luisa de Banfield Mosterts in memory of her own brother, Maestro Raffaello de Banfield. The prize is awarded to the finalist singer who, in the Jury’s opinion, gives the best performance of a piece by Mozart over the whole period of the Competition. Among the finest composers of the post-war period, Raffaello de Banfield was the artistic director of the Teatro Verdi in Trieste for over 23 years. There, he produced memorable shows and contributed to the debut of young opera talents. A leading figure in the European music scene, Raffaello de Banfield was also a passionate and influential member in the commissions of the most prestigious international singing competitions, including the Viotti Competition in Vercelli.


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