Richard Trythall

Richard Trythall


Composer-pianist Richard Trythall studied composition and piano at the University of Tennessee, at Princeton University and at the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin, Germany. As composer he has received the Rome Prize in Musical Composition, a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Naumburg Recording Award, a Fulbright Fellowship, as well as composition commissions from the Fromm Music Foundation, the Dorian Woodwind Quintet, and the Gruppo Percussione Ricerca (Venice, Italy). His compositions, which include works for orchestra, for smaller ensembles, for solo piano and for tape (electronic works), have been performed at, among others: New York's Carnegie Recital Hall, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Tanglewood Festival, the Aspen Music Festival, the Gaudeamus Festival in Holland, the Settembre Musica Festival of Turin, the Nuova Consonanza Festival in Rome, and the Darmstadt Festival in Germany. His percussion work, Bolero, has been danced by the Ballet Company of the Municipal Theater of Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as by ballet companies in Italy, South Africa, and the United States. Recordings of his music are available on the American record labels, CRI and Aspen, as well as on the ReR Records (England), Minstrel (Italy) and Thorofon (Germany) labels.
As a concert pianist Trythall won First Prize in the "Kranichsteiner Competition for Interpreters of Contemporary Piano Music" held in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1969. Since then, he has performed widely in Europe ("Biennale Festival", Venice, "Music of Our Time", Milan, "Contemporary Music Festival", Darmstadt, "Schreyahner Herbst", Lüchow, "Progetto Musica", Rome, etc.) and has recorded extensively for the Italian radio (RAI). He has frequently performed as piano soloist with the Rome Radio Orchestra. His solo piano concerts stress American music of the 20th century and include his own piano compositions as well as music by Charles Ives, George Gershwin, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton and others. The American label, "Centaur Records", has issued a CD of his performance of the piano music of Charles Ives (CRC 2285) and a CD of his performance of the music of Jelly Roll Morton was recently issued by the Italian label, "Musicaimmagine" (MR 10047).
In addition to his activities as pianist and composer, Trythall is "Music Liaison" for the American Academy in Rome - overseeing that institution's musical program in Rome since 1970. For many years, he was also the Italian correspondent for the American magazine "Keyboard". He has written frequently on American music for various Italian publications and in 1995 he organized the week long "American Country Music" festival which took place at Rome's Palazzo delle Esposizioni. In 2000 he was Artistic Director of the "Euro-America Festival" held in Acquasanta Terme (Marche, Italy).
Trythall has recently produced Out of Bounds, a CD containing re-mixed versions of his piano compositions written and recorded in the 1980's, and is now preparing similar technical updates of his electronic compositions composed during the 1970's. A CD of Parts Unknown, a large solo piano composition completed in 1991, was issued by ATOPOS in 2004 and a further CD which will contain his collected works for percussion is being prepared in collaboration with the percussion ensemble Ars Ludi.


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