All the Viotti 2023 events


Sat 30 September | Museo Borgogna h. 9:00 pm

Konstantin Emelianov pianoforte

Tchaikovsky: The Seasons op. 37a

Rameau: Suite in G

Rachmaninoff: Variations on the Theme of Corelli op. 42


First Round

The program of the Viotti Piano Competition in the first round mainly includes a Beethoven Sonata: a testing ground that reveals the degree of a pianist’s artistic maturity because it involves a full understanding of an accomplished musical form.

Fri 6 October – h. 10:00 am

Sat 7 October – h. 10:00 am

Sun 8 October – h. 10:00 am

Second round

In the second round, which lasts approximately 40 minutes, you will listen to some pieces selected by the competitor from one of the most important composers of the Romantic period and a ‘modern’ piece of the 20th century. This round will reveal the musical sensitivity and temperament of the performer. A maximum of twenty pianists participate in the second test.

Mon 9 October – h. 10:00 am

Tue 10 October – h. 10:00 am


The semifinal represents a turning point during the competition because it features a competitor’s program of their choice that reveals their preferences, their favorites, how reassuring (which doesn’t mean easy) a pianist feels while performing. The semifinal lasts about an hour, so keeping the attention of the jury and the audience is crucial. A maximum of six pianists are admitted to the semifinal.

Wed 11 October – h. 3:00 pm

Final with orchestra

Lastly, is the Final with orchestra. The competitors’ choice includes the most important piano Concertos from the Classical era (Mozart and Beethoven) and Romantic era (Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky etc.). For the audience attending the final is a great opportunity to combine the pleasure of listening to magnificent music, no less than three piano Concertos and orchestra, while waiting to discover the winner who may also be one’s favorite. Three pianists are admitted in the final.

Sat 14 October – h. 8:30 pm

Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano

Francesco Ommassini, conductor

Paolo Pomati, master of ceremony