Jun Kanno


PIANO 2023: Jury


He is one of the best known Japanese pianists on the international stage. He graduated at Toho University in Tokyo and completed his studies at the Paris Conservatoire. He won prizes in numerous international competitions and performed with the best orchestras (Munich Symphony, Berlin, Salzburg and Prague Chamber Orchestra, Krakow National Orchestra, NHK Symphonic, Japan Philharmonic, Korean National Orchestra). He lives in Paris and is regularly invited to perform in the main musical cities (London, Rome, Geneva, Salzburg, Tokyo, Brussels, Barcelona, Florence). Guest of the Mozarteum Quartet of Salzburg, he played with K. Franke (Mozarteum Duo Salzburg), with the Vienna String Quartet and with many important chamber partners. He taught at the “Carrero” School of Music in Barcelona and delivered courses at prestigious institutions (Fiesole, Conservatoire Royal in Brussels, Académie de Nice, Hartford University, Toho in Tokyo). He is often invited as a member of the jury in many international competitions.

Kanno_Viotti 01