The C. Bechstein grand piano from the Fabbrini Collection
for the Viotti 2023 Competition

Angelo Fabbrini Pianoforti from Pescara and Classica Musica from Milan are two companies that collaborate with the biggest and most important piano manufacturers. Angelo Fabbrini, along with Classica Musica, has been a partner of the Competition for many years and, since 2019, they have been providing a precious C. Bechstein grand piano from their collection as the official and exclusive instrument of the Viotti Competition.


The preparation of the piano, which needs to be constantly maintained at its highest efficiency for many hours a day so that each competitor can perform at their best in all stages of the competition, is entrusted to two technicians, Federico Romerio and Alvise Biolcati.


C. Bechstein Pianoforte is one of the most important producers of grand pianos and high-end pianos in Europe. Today, the sixth generation of piano makers, engineers, sound technicians, and specialists continue to develop the instruments of the company founded by Carl Bechstein in Berlin in 1853.