Yifan Wu

China | 2005

PIANO 2023: Competitor


Yifan Wu began professional piano study at the age of 14. Enrolled in the Shanghai Conservatory of Music-affiliated middle school in 2019, he is currently a student of Professor Yunlin Yang, a renowned piano educator and master consultant of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Yifan Wu has received various awards and scholarships. He has also won several prizes, including 1st prize and classical sonata prize in the 5th Singapore International Piano Competition in 2023, 1st prize in the 10th Steinway National Piano Competition for Youth in China in 2022, 1st prize in the 11th Shenzhen Piano Competition, and 1st prize in the 29th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition for Youth in China. Yifan has performed in many cities both in China and abroad, including Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Singapore; in concert venues such as Singapore’s Sota Concert Hall, Wuhan’s Qintai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, and Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s He Lvting Concert Hall. His concerts with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra have been highly praised.

Yifan Wu_Viotti_01



First round

Mendelssohn: Prelude and Fugue in e minor op. 35 n.1
Beethoven: Piano Sonata n.13 op.27 n.1

Second round

Schumann: Kreisleriana op.16
Shostakovich: Prelude and Fugue in d minor Op.87  n. 24


Scarlatti: Piano Sonata K.233
Liszt: Etudes d’execution Transcendante S.139 n.11 “Harmonies du soir”
Liszt: Ballade n. 2 in b minor S. 171
Mendelssohn: Variations sérieuses op. 54
Anlun Huang: Chinese Rhapsody n. 2 (Prelude and Dance) op. 18a


Beethoven: Piano Concerto n.3 in c minor op.37