Rules 72nd Viotti Competition





Singers of all nationalities born after October 15, 1991 (women) and born after October 15, 1989 (men) are eligible for the 72nd Gian Battista Viotti International Music Competition 2022.


Application Deadline 

The application form completed in all its parts must be sent no later than 24 July 2022.


How to apply

Application online

Candidates can apply for the Viotti Competition by application online. They only need to register to the Viotti Music Competition internet site and they will receive an email confirming the successful registration and containing a link to their personal page. Here the candidates can fill in the application form and attach documents and files.


Materials required

The application form must be sent together with:

1. The application form filled in all its parts;

2. A copy of the applicant’s passport or equivalent document that contains their name, nationality and birthday (upload formats: .jpeg or .pdf);

3. A curriculum vitae written in Italian or English in discursive form (max. 800 characters; please do not use accented letters in the online data field) containing details of musical and artistic education, performances and prizes won at other Competitions (upload formats: doc, docx, txt, .pdf);

4. One or more recent artistic photographs free of copyright (upload formats .jpeg files 300 dpi, longest side 10 cm);

5. The musical program for the competition including: author, title of the Opera, title of the Aria, act;

6. The digital recording for the preliminary selection;

7. The entrance fee *

The entrance fee for the Competition, amounting to EUR 100, must be paid by bank transfer (all bank charges shall be borne by the applicant) to:




Agenzia 1 di Vercelli

Piazza Zumaglini 16 – 13100 VERCELLI (Italia)


IBAN: IT03T0608510009000010500915


Very important: in the case of bank transfer from abroad, at the time of transfer, you must indicate in addition to the IBAN code also the BIC code.


* The applicants shall send to the Competition’s Office a copy of the proof of payment of the application fee. Failure to enclose such a receipt will invalidate the application. Under no circumstances will entrance fee be refunded.


Those candidates whose application form is incomplete and whose entrance fee is unpaid within the set time limit should not be allowed to compete.





The preliminary selection to the Viotti Competition 2022 will be made by way of documents and a digital recording submitted by the applicants.


Recording for the preliminary selection

An unmodified digital recording must be submitted by all applicants.


The recording for preliminary selection must contain two opera Arias of the candidate’s choice.

Please note that the music chosen for the preliminary selection can also be used for the competition program.


Application online

uploading the video to YouTube (in the settings you can select “Unlisted” to allow viewing only to those who will be in possession of the internet address of the video). In the description you must indicate “Preselection Viotti Competition 2022”. Please, fill out the online form indicating the Internet address of the videos in the appropriate field.

The recording in the interest of the candidates must be of excellent technical quality and professionally recorded.

The applicants details must be clearly stated in the description of the video in Youtube. In addition, the following data must be specified: recording date and complete program.


N.B.: The first and second prize winners of a Competition registered in the World Federation of International Music Competition of Geneva (WFIMC) will be admitted to the Competition without preliminary selection. In this case, the applicant should attach documentation.





1. All applicants will be informed of their acceptance or rejection not later than August 24, 2022.

2. All music must be performed from memory. All the music performed must be published.

3. Winners of a First Prize in a previous Viotti Music Competition of Vercelli are not eligible to compete in the section in which they won the prize.

4. All competitors must arrive at the Secretary of the Competition in Vercelli by 3:00pm on the day of convocation to attend the registration at the Competition and the drawing ceremony.

5. The performing order of contestants determined by drawing before the first round will be maintained throughout the Competition except for the final round in which the order will be established by the members of the Jury.

6. Candidates are advised to remain in Vercelli, and must be available at all times during the whole period when they are competing.

7. The decisions of the Jury are final; in case of differences of interpretation of the Competition Regulations, the Italian text will be held as definitive.

8. The Viotti Competition organization reserves the right to use any recording or video made or photograph taken during the Viotti Competition 2022 and have the unlimited rights to broadcast competition performances on TV, Radio, the Internet and other data networks without any payment to the competitors. Participation in the Viotti Competition 2022 implies a tacit agreement of this above-mentioned rule.

9. The first prize is indivisible. The second and third prize can be awarded ex-aequo. The Jury can decide not to award any prize.

10. Prize-winners of the International Music Competition G.B. Viotti of Vercelli agree to make use in future of the exact title conferred by the Jury. Any misuse will be prosecuted.

11. The 2022 Voice Competition awardees agree to perform, without compensation, in the Laureates concert scheduled the day following the finals.